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Attended Farewell Ceremonies: A Dignified Tribute at Sea

Our Attended Farewell Ceremonies are meticulously designed to provide a dignified and serene experience, ensuring peace of mind for all participants. We are committed to assisting families and their guests in orchestrating a bespoke memorial event that honors the final wishes of your loved one with the utmost respect and sensitivity.


Embarking on the Journey

Your journey commences with a personalized consultation with Captain Richard and First Mate Beverly at your selected point of departure. During this initial meeting, you will receive a detailed safety orientation, followed by an extensive tour of our vessel to familiarize you with its amenities. To ensure your utmost comfort and security, each guest will be equipped with a US Coast Guard-approved, comfortably fitting inflatable life vest.

As we prepare for departure, the cremated remains of your loved one will be respectfully placed in our specialized dissemination basket. To honor and celebrate their memory, a generous supply of fresh rose petals will be provided for you to tenderly cover the cremains. We invite you to bring any eco-friendly personal tributes such as photographs, poems, or letters, enhancing the significance of this solemn occasion.

Our commitment is to create a serene and dignified setting for this pivotal moment, ensuring a tranquil and reflective start to your cruise. We prioritize creating an environment of tranquility and respect, allowing you to focus on the act of remembrance and the beauty of the farewell voyage.


Voyage and Scenic Route

The journey can commence from either Historic Downtown Wilmington, Carolina Beach, or Southport. Depending on your chosen location we will be navigating through the Cape Fear River or the Intracoastal Waterway venturing 3 miles out to the Atlantic Ocean in accordance with EPA regulations. During the voyage, you will witness breathtaking views of uninhabited islands and salt marshes, with a high likelihood of encountering dolphins and other exotic wildlife.

Ceremonial Process

Upon reaching the designated site, the ceremony will begin. This time is reserved for prayers, eulogies, and sharing cherished memories. We can accommodate many religious customs. The respectful dispersion of cremains will be conducted with a beautiful array of rose petals adorning the water. Our vessel will gently circle the area, allowing ample time for reflection without any sense of urgency.

Personalized Touches

We encourage you to personalize this experience for your loved one. You may bring your personal music playlist, which can be streamed through our Bluetooth system. Complimentary refreshments include a fruit platter and our own Stargazer chicken salad slider sandwiches along with light snacks.  You are welcome to bring your favorite snacks and refreshments. We will keep them in our iced coolers. (excluding glass containers). Alcohol is allowed in moderation

Pricing and Customization

Our dedication is to make this a profoundly memorable day. The base rate for this service is $875, with an additional charge of $75 per passenger (maximum of 6 passengers). If you have additional deceased family members that you would like to include in the same Memorial Ceremony, there will an additional charge of $100 for each one.

Rates and timings may vary depending on the departure location, service area, and specific requests. Gratuities are not included. 

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We at Stargazer Yacht Charters are committed to delivering ceremonies of the highest standard, ensuring a safe, respectful, and memorable experience. Our crew dedicates immense effort and attention to detail, both visible and behind the scenes, to exceed your expectations from start to finish.

While gratuities are not included in our service charges, they are sincerely appreciated. A customary gratuity, typically 20%, is a valued gesture of recognition for the crew's dedication and hard work in facilitating your ceremony with care and dignity. We believe in the profound significance of scattering ashes at sea – a gesture that symbolizes a return to the embrace of nature’s grandeur, honoring your loved one’s final wishes with purity and reverence.

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